EVN Klimainitiative

EVN Klimainitiative

Wo Energie fließt, ist auch Leben. Denn Energie ist Leben.

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Old Cars on the Road will still need liquid Fuel

If the USA to reach its goal of net-zero GHG emissions by mid-century, they need both cleaner, more efficient cars and cleaner, more efficient fuels. That’s a fact also of global importance.
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President Joe Biden set a new goal: By 2030, half of all new vehicles should be electric. “In America, there’s not a single solitary thing — nothing — beyond our capacity to get done when we do it together,” Biden said. “We have to act, and that’s what we’re doing today.” Gov. Kim Reynolds and other Iowa elected officials issued statements Thursday afternoon asking that, instead of focusing on electric vehicles, the Biden administration should prioritize biofuels. Iowa is the nation’s top producer of ethanol. The US Renewable Fuels Association issued a statement that biofuels should be part of the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable Fuels Association President Geoff Cooper argued in a news release that, even if more new cars are electric, old cars on the road will still need liquid fuel. “Renewable fuels like ethanol offer a solution that is available right here, right now at a low cost to jump-start decarbonization efforts,” Cooper said.