EVN Klimainitiative

EVN Klimainitiative

Wo Energie fließt, ist auch Leben. Denn Energie ist Leben.

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How to speed up a Hydrogen Economy

A collated resource and practical overview of power-to-fuel research and development. © Academic Press

The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources is increasingly desired, but a further acceleration will only be possible if the storage problem is solved. In fact, almost all these sources are characterized by intermittent availability and generally do not have their own storage capacity.

Thanks to its characteristics, hydrogen seems to be the best candidate to help electricity as an energy carrier. It does not contain carbon and can be easily produced from electricity and converted back into it. It can also be produced from biomass and waste materials, and it is better than electricity when it is necessary to store energy in the long run an in a large amount. Therefore, it qualifies as the ideal partner for renewable sources.

The scientific book “Power to Fuel: How to Speed Up a Hydrogen Economy” highlights how the electricity surplus from renewable sources ca be usefully accumulated thanks to hydrogen, overcoming those obstacles that today prevent a final use of pure hydrogen itself on a large scale.

“Power to Fuel” is edited by Giuseppe Spazzafumo who is professor at the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cassino. The ISBN-Code is 978-0-12-822813-5.